To Submit a New Notification/Permit

Please note that notification forms cannot be submitted directly through the website to the Customer Service Centre. 

Submit your completed request:
By fax: 1-800-667-4278
By email:
By phone: 1-877-372-7233
By mail: 400 Sheldon Dr., Unit 1, Cambridge, ON, N1T 2H9 


New Residential 

For new installations on a residential premise (includes: modular/prefab homes, multi-unit residential complexes [row-house, townhouse, semi detached house, duplex, triplex and quadruplex]) 

PDF Download     Download Spreadsheet

Residential Renovation 

For renovation of individual residential units, including multi-unit buildings consisting of 4 or fewer units, basement apartments, granny suites, detached outbuildings and rewires 

PDF Download     Download Spreadsheet


For new installations (new apartment building/retirement home) and renovations of apartment units, multi unit residential buildings (with common entrance) 5+ dwelling units and retirement home 

PDF Download     Download Spreadsheet
HVAC Small Job For HVAC equipment installations done at Residential and Apartment sites. PDF Download     Download Spreadsheet


High Voltage 

For high voltage (primary) installations >750 Volts (Temporary and Permanent) PDF Download     Download Spreadsheet

Low Voltage

For low voltage (secondary) installations <=750 Volts (Temporary and Permanent) PDF Download     Download Spreadsheet

Renewable Energy

For renewable energy (solar, wind, other) installations 10 kw or less PDF Download     Download Spreadsheet

Neon Sign

For inspection of the wiring of signs & outline lighting installations (includes skeletal neon, outline lighting, and signs with remote transformers or ballasts) PDF Download     Download Spreadsheet



Permission to Show/Energize

For trade show exhibitors with unapproved equipment that wish to display but not to connect or provide electricity to the equipment or for trade show exhibitors that wish to connect and energize (provide electricity) unapproved equipment. PDF Download     Download Word document


For entertainment notifications/permits including all television, film, commercial, live performance, carnivals, trade shows, or event productions including but not limited to live productions regardless of site or location. PDF Download     Download Spreadsheet


Other Notifications/Permits for Inspection

Re-Energize Electrical Service To energize electrical service to a site (non-occupancy, non-payment, fire, flood, explosion, lightning strike, other disaster, meter by-pass, grow op/meth lab) PDF Download     Download Spreadsheet
Retrofit Luminaires

ESA has a program for acceptance of retrofitted luminaires in Ontario – click here to view this guide.

A notification of work is required for each project site with retrofitted luminaires. Please note a completed application form must be submitted to process your request. An application cannot be completed over the phone.

PDF Download     Download Spreadsheet