Distributor Bulletins

The Electrical Safety Authority releases Bulletins periodically to quickly communicate new information to the Local Distribution Companies and other distribution industry participants. These bulletins are categorized as Safety Bulletins and Information Bulletins.

Safety Bulletins identify issues such as equipment failures and safe work practices. Information Bulletins provide updates on Regulatory requirements and other general industry issues.


The Electrical Safety Authority produces reports and other documents related to Ontario Regulation 22/04 or other industry issues. These documents will report on ESA’s regulatory activity or provide additional information to the industry from a working group’s endeavours or other research activities.

  Bulletin Number Bulletin Title/Description Download
20-05 DB-05-20 Audit & DoC Due dates - 2020 Group 3 Download
20-05 DB-05-20 Audit & DoC Due dates - 2020 Group 2 Download
20-05 DB-05-20 Audit & DoC Due dates - 2020 Group 1 Download
20-04 DB-04-20 Inverter Approval Accepted by OESC Download
20-03 DB-03-20 COVID-19 - Updates for Audits and Declarations of Compliance Download
20-02 DB-02-20 Approved Auditors Download
20-01 DB-01-20 Previous Editions of the Overhead and Underground Standards Download
19-04 DB-04-19 Pad‐mount Equipment Protection & Construction Projects Download
19-03 DB-03-19 Electrical Equipment Near Combustible Gas Equipment Download
19-03 FN-03-19 3-Phase, 3-Wire, Solidly-Grounded Wye Customer Services Download
19-02 DB-02-19 Certificate of Approval Requirements Download
19-01 DB-01-19 Unused vs Used Distribution Equipment Download
18-05 DB-05-18 Energized Temporary Distribution Work Download
18-02 FN-02-18 (Phase 2) 3-Phase, 3-Wire, Solidly-Grounded Wye Customer Services - Complete Download
18-02 FN-02-18 (Phase 2) 3-Phase, 3-Wire, Solidly-Grounded Wye Customer Services - Corrective Action Proposal Worksheets Download
18-02 FN-02-18 (Phase 2) 3-Phase, 3-Wire, Solidly-Grounded Wye Customer Services - Proposals Download
18-04 DB-04-18 Electrical Work and Service Connections Download
18-03 DB-03-18 Engineering Practices and Regulation 22/04 - Sections 4 & 5 Download
18-02 DB-02-18 Distribution Stations Standard - CAN/CSA-22.3 No. 61936-1 Download
18-01 FN-01-18 (Phase 1) 3-Phase, 3-Wire, Solidly-Grounded Wye Customer Services Download
17-07 DB-07-17 LDC/ESA Communications for Code Side Safety Concerns Download
17-05 DB-05-17 Factors to Consider for Damaged Customer’s Services During Emergencies Download
17-04 DB-04-17 Meter Base Mounted Transfer Devices Download
17-02 DB-02-17 Mitigation of pole top fires Download
16-08 DB-08-16 UPDATED: OESC - ESA Program for Acceptance of Retrofitted Luminaires Download
16-06 DB-06-16 Regulation 22/04 or Ontario Electrical Safety Code? Download
16-05 DB-05-16 Connection Authorizations Download
16-04 DB-04-16 EV Charging Stations - Reg. 22/04, 570/05 and OESC Requirements Download
16-03 DB-03-16 Life Saving Equipment Damage From Temporary Overvoltage Download
16-02 DB-02-16 Certificate of Deviation – Certified Lists Download
15-11 DB-11-15 Reporting Meter Failures (750V or less) Download
15-07 DB-07-15 “Materially Insignificant” Alterations Download
15-06 DB-06-15 General Mechanical Protection Information Power Cable Guard Download
15-05 DB-05-15 Ice and Electrical Meters Download
15-04 DB-04-15 Guy Composite Insulators for use with Phase Conductors Download
15-03 DB-03-15 Sensus iConATM Generation 3.2 Remote Disconnect Meters Download
15-02 DB-02-15 Marking of Guys Download
15-01 DB-01-15 In-Field Equipment Refurbishment Download
14-05 DB-05-14 Major Equipment Refurbishment Download
14-04 DB-04-14 Installation Methods – Sags and Tension Overhead Conductor Download
14-03 DB-03-14 Installation Methods – Guy Anchors Download
14-02 DB-02-14 Process for Safety Concerns on Joint Use Poles Download
14-01 DB-01-14 Barrier Support Structures and Grounding Requirements Download
13-02 DIB-02-13 Metering Standards for C-I installations Download
13-01 DIB-01-13 LDC Attachments on 3rd Party Poles Download
12-13 DIB-13-12 Distribution System Control Component Setting & Reg 2204 Requirements Download
12-12 DIB-12-12 Introduction of Utility General Inspections Download
12-11 DIB-11-12 Certificates of Deviation Approval Download
12-10 DIB-10-12 Attacher Developed Plans - Work Instructions and LDC Review Download
12-08 DIB-08-12 Pole - Soil Tamping Download
12-07 DIB-07-12 DDI Process Updates Download
12-05 DIB-05-12 Distributor Owned Wood Poles Approval Download
12-03 DIB-03-12 Guidelines: Trimming Trees Around Powerlines & Planting Under or Around Powerlines & Electrical Equipment Download
12-01 DIB-01-12 Interconnection of electric power production sources - OESC Requirements (UPDATED) Download
11-01 DIB-01-11 Section 7-3.3.2 Additional Guideline Information Download
10-08 DIB-08-10 Standard Operating Procedure Review Download
10-06 DIB-06-10 Billing Meter Location Download
10-05 DIB-05-10 Distribution Substation & Like-for-Like Download
10-04 DIB-04-10 Standards Release: Electric Utility Workplace Electrical Safety Download
10-01 DIB-01-10 Audits and Temporary Installations Download
09-09 DIB-09-09 Distributed Generation (Feed-in Tariff Program Codes Publications and Standards) Download
09-08 DIB-08-09 QA Working Around Meter Bases Download
09-11 DIB-11-08 Clarifying the DDI Process Download
07-05 DIB-07-05 Demarcation Point Download
06-04 DIB-04-06 ABB Transformer Certification Download
08-01 DIB-01-08 RSEI Reporting Form Privacy Policy Download
07-03 DIB 03-07 Ontario Regulation 438_07 Product Safety Download
07-01 DIB 01-07 Electricity Act and Marijuana Grow Operations Download
06-10 DIB 10-06 Customer Owned Equipment (Meter Bases) Download
06-08 DIB 08-06 Re-Energizing Feeders after Recloser Lockout Download
13-01 DSB-01-13 Revenue Metering Equipment and Natural Gas Meter (NEW) Download
12-04 DSB 04-12 UPDATE - S&C Electric Canada Ltd Product Bulletin Download
12-03 DSB 03-12 Guy Insulator Placement - Additional Information Download
12-02 DSB 02-12 Insulator Class Recommendation Download
12-01 DSB 01-12 Voltage Conversion and OESC Requirements Download
11-08 DSB 08-11 S&C Electric Canada Ltd Product Bulletin Download
11-07 DSB 07-11 Embedded Generation Safety Download
11-05 DSB 05-11 In-Line Solid Blade Switch Safety Download
11-04 DSB 04-11 Delta Conversion and OESC Requirements Revised (UPDATED) Download
11-03 DSB 03-11 Ground Rods with Unauthorized UL Marks Download
11-01 DSB 01-11 Guy Insulator Placement Download
10-01 DSB 01-10 3rd Party Attachments: Service Drop Definition & Exemption Download
09-04 DSB 04-09 Dead End Line Clamp Download
09-02 DSB 02-09 Tree Trimming Obligations Download
09-01 DSB 01-09 Generators - OESC and Reg 22 04 Requirements Part 2 Download
08-03 DSB 03-08 Alpha Technologies XM2 Standby Power Supply Download
05-01 DSB 01-05 Guy Installation Failures Download
06-02 DTB 02-06 Guy Installations Download
06-03 DTB 03-06 In-Line Disconnect Switches Download
06-04 DTB 04-06 Dead Leg Adapters Download
06-05 DTB 05-06 Grounding Close to Pole Download
06-06 DTB 06-06 Riser Pole Guards Download
08-02 DSB 02-08 Unsafe Temporary Service Installations Download
08-01 DSB 01-08 Submarine Cables Download
07-12 DSB 12-07 Communication Grounding Hardware and Conductors to Meterbase Enclosures Download
07-08 DSB 08-07 Generators - OESC and Reg 22 04 Requirements Download
07-07 DSB 07-07 Facility Paint Colours Download
07-06 DSB 06-07 Copper Theft Download
07-04 DSB 04-07 44kV Substation Grounding Tests Report Summary Download
07-03 DSB 03-07 Adequate Inspection Process Download
07-02 DSB 02-07 44-kV Substation Grounding Tests Download
07-01 DSB 01-07 Meter Base Failures Download
06-01 DSB 01-06 K-Line Polymer Insulators on Switches Download
05-03 DSB 03-05 Eaton DBU Expulsion Fuse Nonconformance Download
05-02 DSB 02-05 Guy Installation Failures Follow Up Download

Due Diligence Inspection Points for LDCs

Mitigation of Pole Top Fires Best Practice