Dump Truck Operators

Dump trucks were the number one cause of overhead powerline contacts in the past five years. Many contacts occurred while loading and unloading material.

To ensure safety for you and others on the site, you need to operate your vehicle with care and be aware of your surroundings.

To help reduce the risk of an overhead powerline contact, read the Powerline Safety Best Practice for Dump Truck Operators. As well, follow these steps:

  1. Arriving on Site: Visually locate all overhead wires. Always have a signaller to provide an extra pair of eyes. 
  2. Getting Set Up:  Make sure that all parts of the truck are a minimum of 3 metres away at all times from any overhead powerlines. Make sure the signaller is a minimum of 10 metres (30 ft) away from your truck. 
  3. Leaving the Site:  After dumping the load, drop your box before moving your truck. 

ESA offers a safety toolkit for dump truck owners and operators. This includes a safety infographic, powerline safety stickers and a "best practices" document. To request copies of the kit, email esa.communications@electricalsafety.on.ca