Remote Inspection

The Remote Inspection feature of the ESA ON Mobile App (the App) allows users to upload photos and short videos of the electrical work they are performing at various stages on their job sites. This enables the users to demonstrate the full scope of the installation and its compliance with the Ontario Electrical Safety Code (OESC). 

Remote Inspection Overview

Location services must be turned on within the mobile device settings in order to use the Remote Inspection function of the App.

The list of notifications available via this feature consists of all Open notifications associated with the user’s account. Users can’t upload photos or videos associated with a Closed notification. 


The list displays up to a maximum of 100 notifications. If the user wishes to limit the list of notifications, they can refine their search to generate a shorter list. The App can search by any or all of the following: 

  • Notification Number
  • Site Name
  • Street
  • City
  • PO/Job Number

Once a notification is selected from the list, users can view more detailed information about the selected notification, including:

  • Inspector Information 
  • Job Details
  • Supply Authority 

At the bottom of the display, there will be an option to Add Evidence, i.e., photo/video files.  

Adding Photos and/or Videos

The user will be prompted to select Take photo or Take video, and the Inspection Type. Note that this does not schedule the notification for inspection. The user will then be prompted to capture the photo or video through the App using their mobile device. 

Once the photo or video capture is complete, the App will ask if the evidence is satisfactory. If it is, the user will be directed to add a title, and optionally a description.  

Submitting Photos and/or Videos for Review

The user must indicate which of the photos and/or videos they want the Inspector to review. Up to 12 photos and videos can be submitted at a time. 

Evidence submitted through the App is not available to the Inspector for review until the user submits a request for inspection, either through the App, through the LEC Portal, or by contacting ESA’s Customer Service Centre. 

Access to the Remote Inspection Feature via the App

While the ESA ON Mobile App is accessible to any customer with an ESA account and ESA Online Services LEC Portal credentials, permissions for the Remote Inspection feature must be granted by an Administrator user for that account. 

The Administrator must first have Remote Inspection permissions granted for themselves before they can enable Remote Inspection access for the other LEC Portal users under their account. The Administrator can obtain their permissions by contacting the ESA Customer Service Center. 

Off-line Functionality

ESA recognizes that conditions exist where connectivity may be a challenge.  In these circumstances, photos/videos can be captured and temporarily stored within the App until connectivity is restored.  

Prior to going offline, the user must open the App and download their list of notifications. Photos/videos for a notification in the list can be captured and stored while the user is offline. The user can select which photos/videos to submit to ESA for review. The upload process will automatically complete once the user has regained connectivity. 

App users must be online in order to use the Check Status and Schedule Inspection features. 

Guidelines for Remote Inspections

ESA reserves the right to make the final determination on whether an installation qualifies for a remote inspection and the outcome.


Supporting Documentation

Remote Inspections Tutorial Video