Questions about my application/application form

How do I check that my application is complete before I submit it?

Use the checklists on the second page of the application forms to make sure you have included all the required information. This will prevent having your application sent back as incomplete.

How long will it take to receive my ECRA/ESA licence?

We try to process all completed applications within four weeks of the date our Customer Service Centre receives them. 

Can I take out a notification of work immediately after I send you my application?

No. You will only be able to file a notification of work once you have received your Electrical Contractor licence.

The disclaimer on the forms reads “ESA may collect, use and disclose” personal information. Does ESA provide information to other organizations without my knowledge?

No, ESA does not provide personal information to third parties without your knowledge and permission.

ESA’s Access and Privacy Code defines what information will and will not be disclosed even if it is requested. For example, ESA will not disclose personal information that violates an individual’s right to privacy, unless that individual consents to the disclosure.

ESA regularly denies Requests for Information that are exempt from disclosure under the Code. We must disclose information that does not fall under these exemptions, if asked.

Why does ESA need a government tax number?

We ask for the business registration number on the licence application to verify that the business is registered in Ontario. This is required by the provincial government.

What is WSIB?

WSIB stands for Workplace Safety & Insurance Board. Companies must register with WSIB and confirm they have insurance coverage for their employees should a work-related injury occur. Contact WSIB if you need to arrange coverage for your employees.

How do I obtain $2 million liability insurance?

Talk to your insurance company. The ESA does not arrange liability coverage for contractor licensing.