Preparing for Your Inspection

ESA is responsible for monitoring and enforcing compliance with the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. Inspections are there for the safety of you and your family to help ensure electrical work complies with the Code. 

The documents below give a broad overview of what you can expect to be inspected during the different stages of electrical work. They do not constitute the entirety of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code and its application. They do not constitute advice on how to do electrical work and should not be used as a substitute for the services of a qualified licenced electrical contractor. Information may not be applicable to your specific situation.

ESA inspections are limited to the electrical installation, product or device described in the notification. Depending on the nature of the installation, an Inspector may look at all or only some of the above elements. An Inspection does not in any way relieve the applicant from their responsibility to comply with the Ontario Electrical Safety Code in all aspects of their work and the installation. 

Note: Under the Ontario Electrical Safety Code, the Electrical Safety Authority determines which installations to inspect. ESA may accept installations and issue connection authorizations without conducting inspection.   


Checklists for Download

The rough-in inspection takes place when all branch circuit wiring and outlet boxes are installed and prior to any wiring being concealed.

The service inspection generally takes place after all customer owned service equipment and related wiring is installed.

The final inspection shall be requested as soon as possible after completion of the electrical installation.

The underground inspection takes place when conductors, cables or conduits that are directly buried underground are installed and prior to any wiring being covered.

A general guideline of electrical work covered under the Continuous Safety Services (CSS) Program for facility owners and operators.

Learn more about general inspections and the checklist used to evaluate your home’s electrical system.


Other Helpful Inspection Information

Explanatory material for some Code requirements regarding buried electrical wiring that is applicable to most residential applications.

For more information about ESA’s program for acceptance of retrofitted luminaires in Ontario, view this guideline.


Condition Reports

Form to be completed in its entirety, within 14 days of shutdown, for all substation maintenance jobs & all situations where equipment replacements (equivalent rating/characteristics) are completed.

Form to be completed in its entirety, within 14 days of shutdown, for all low voltage service maintenance.


Please note that notification forms cannot be submitted directly through the website.