ESA’s Zero Tolerance Statement on Abusive Behaviour

The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) takes electrical safety and the experience of our stakeholders very seriously. In our interactions with licensees, property owners, manufacturers, distributors and the public, we strive to ensure that everyone is treated with fairness and respect.  

We are also committed to supporting a culture of respect and well-being for our employees by ensuring they have a safe and respectful working environment. To foster this, ESA has zero tolerance for abusive behaviour towards our staff.

Abusive behaviour can be in any form (in writing, on the phone, in-person, etc.) and may include:

  • Personal attacks or rude and disparaging remarks regarding ESA employees;
  • Use of obscenities, profanities, degrading comments, insults, vulgar or sexist language, humiliating remarks or racial/religious slurs;  
  • Yelling;
  • Bullying behaviour;
  • Intimidation of any kind, as well as threats or acts of violence; and
  • Persistent repetitive communications making unrealistic demands.

Abusive behaviour constitutes grounds for ESA to modify how it interacts with the individual. Where necessary and in ongoing circumstances ESA may choose to discontinue communications outright.