First Responders Safety Materials

Contact with a powerline is a leading cause of electrical-related death in Ontario. ESA has developed a variety of materials to help First Responders (and others) stay safe when called to emergency situations that involve powerlines.

The following safety materials can be ordered by completing the online form below. Please note quantities are limited and available on a first come first served basis.


first responders info card

First Responders Info Card

Powerline safety tips in a small (3x2), plastic card format.

poster - keep 10 metres back

Downed Powerlines Poster

Getting close can be deadly. Keep 10 metres back from downed powerlines and stay safe.

powerline safety vehicle sticker

Vehicle Sticker

Powerline safety tips sticker for placing inside of vehicles.

ladder sticker - stop look live

Ladder Sticker

Stop. Look. Live. Stay 3 metres back from overhead powerlines.

ladder tags - look up and look out

Ladder Tag

Reminder to "look up and look out" for powerlines when using a ladder.

flood brochure - water and electricity do no mix

Flood Brochure

Water + Electricity Do Not Mix! These safety steps could save your life, or the lives of first responders and utility people working in the area.

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