Administrative Penalties Regulation

Ontario Regulation 12/23

In an effort to reduce illegal and unsafe electrical installations across Ontario, the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) will be able to impose administrative penalties beginning April 1, 2023. An administrative penalty is a financial penalty, similar to a fine, which will enhance ESA’s existing tools to motivate compliance.

In 2020, the Auditor General of Ontario recommended that the Province of Ontario provide ESA the power to issue monetary fines to further deter illegal electrical installations and individuals working in the underground economy. Administrative penalties will be used as a tool to address acts of non-compliance under the Electricity Act, 1998 and its Regulations.

The Regulation outlines a tiered penalty structure, an opportunity for recipients to be given notice and an opportunity to respond, as well as a formal appeal process.

The Regulation also provides the types of contraventions subject to an Administrative Penalty. Examples of contraventions where the ESA can issue an administrative penalty include, but are not limited to: conducting electrical work without a licence, advertising electrical services without a licence, working without filing a notification (permit) with ESA, and hiring or sub-contracting an unlicensed contractor.

For more information regarding this new authority please refer to the Administrative Penalty FAQs.