Risk-based Oversight

RBO Guidebook

ESA has developed a Guidebook to help you understand all aspects of RBO, including 

  • Benefits & Eligibility
  • Programs
  • Scheduling
  • Performance Management
Risk-based oversight guidebook

RBO Webinars

ESA has developed five webinars to assist you with transitioning to RBO. Webinar topics include:

  • Selective Inspection
  • Scheduling and Communication
  • New Online Services
  • RBO for Municipalities
  • RBO for Local Distribution Companies (LDCs)

What is risk-based oversight (RBO)?

Starting July 6, 2020, ESA will look at the risk involved in electrical wiring work to determine when to visit a site. We call this "Risk-based Oversight" (RBO). This means spending more effort on high-risk electrical wiring work and less on low-risk work, without compromising safety.

ESA will assign a risk level to notifications based on:

  • who does the installation work
  • what the installation is
  • where the installation is.

ESA recommends a site visit for all high-risk work. Medium- and low-risk work will be subject to selective site visits. An ESA Inspector might visit one site for every five notifications considered low-risk, for example. Or there might be one visit for every two medium-risk notifications.

Why is ESA moving to a risk-based approach?

We want to make it easier to do business with us. We believe this approach will help address your scheduling concerns. We'll be able to keep you better informed about when an inspector will visit a site. We'll also be able to focus on the work related to the greatest safety risks, such as investigating work done by unlicensed contractors.

When will I see this in the field?

We expect Risk-based Oversight to be in operation on July 6, 2020. We’ve gathered information from Licensed Electrical Contractors across Ontario about how this change might affect their businesses. We’re still determining how it could work and testing parts of the approach to make the roll-out as smooth as possible.

Stakeholder Events

Fall 2018 Town Hall Results

In Fall 2018, ESA held 16 Risk-Based Oversight town hall meetings with Licensed Electrical Contractors. We talked about Risk-based Oversight, the proposed RBO fees, and decisions made about it to date.
The report below consolidates the feedback contractors gave ESA at these town halls. It also provides results from a survey completed by participants.

This short video reviews how RBO works and answers questions asked during the first round of RBO town halls:

Spring 2018 Town Halls: Results 

In spring 2018, ESA held over 15 town hall meetings around the province to talk with Licensed Electrical Contractors about Risk-Based Oversight. A video of the presentation and a report summarizing their feedback are below.  The report captures the themes and comments the contractors gave ESA at these town halls. It also provides results of a survey filled out by town hall participants. 

RBO Information Webinar for Local Distribution Companies and Municipalities

In March 2019, ESA held a webinar for Local Distribution Companies (LDCs) and another for municipalities. We introduced RBO and our implementation plans, and answered questions.