What are the steps in the Reviews and Appeals process?

ESA has a 3-Step Reviews and Appeals process. You must complete each step before proceeding to the next:

  1. Review or Hearing before the Director of Reviews and Appeals
  2. Appeal before the Review Panel
  3. Appeal to Divisional Court

Note that before initiating the Reviews and Appeals process, we recommend that you try to resolve the matter by contacting the General Manager or Director who issued the Order or Notice. 
Furthermore, the Review or Hearing before the Director of Reviews and Appeals (Step 1) does not apply to the appeal of an Administrative Penalty Orders. Administrative Penalty Order appeals are appealed before the ESA Review Panel (Step 2). 

A Case Conference may be scheduled when an appeal before the Review Panel is filed.  Case Conferences allow the parties to discuss the scope of the hearing before it takes place and potentially settle an appeal prior to a hearing. 

You complete and submit a form to ESA for each step of the Reviews and Appeals process. If you choose to file for a Review or a Hearing or an Appeal before the Review Panel, you must provide all correspondence you have had with ESA to try to resolve the matter, a timeline of events and a list of reasons that support your case. While it is not required, you may also have legal counsel represent you through the process.

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