What is a Request for Access to Information and how do I submit one?

A Request for Access to Information is broader in scope than a Record Search and may involve specific information and notes recorded in a notification, and/or copies of ESA correspondence.  

Example #1:  Bob Smith owns an industrial building. He submits a Request for Information to ESA for the history of all electrical notifications for the site going back to before he owned it – what notifications were taken out by which contractor, for what work, and whether the notifications were closed.

ESA response: this “simple” request is fulfilled because no exemptions apply. However all records released will be redacted for privacy per the Access and Privacy Code including such information as contractor account number, purchase order number, or individuals’ names, addresses and phone numbers.

Example #2:  Geetha Singh is a lawyer and requests all details and copies of correspondence pertaining to notifications filed for a home at 12 Main Street to support a real estate transaction.

ESA response: this “simple” request is fulfilled because no exemptions apply.

Use the Request for Information form (a fee applies). 

ESA releases information according to our Access and Privacy Code and federal and provincial privacy legislation. ESA may not release information that is personal, confidential or otherwise exempt. Learn more about Records & Information Searches.