ESA Public Consultations

Ontario Electrical Safety Code 29th Edition

ESA is working towards adoption of the new edition of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code (OESC). As part of this process, we are consulting on the proposed amendments to the OESC. The proposed OESC amendments are designed to enhance electrical and public safety and ensure that installation requirements keep pace with the increased and wider adoption of emerging technology, such as electric vehicles. ESA welcomed feedback from contractors, consumers, businesses and other stakeholders on all proposed amendments from February 29 to May 3, 2024.

Consultation Feedback

The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) thanks all stakeholders who submitted comments and feedback during the public consultation on proposed amendments to the OESC. 

The document below reflects the comments received along with resolution. The revised proposal drafts are based on ESA’s review of the feedback received during the public consultation and discussion with Ontario Provincial Code Committee (OPCC).

The effective date for the new OESC is planned for May 2025, pending government approval. All Electrical work conducted on notifications (or plan review submittals) taken out after the effective date must meet the updated requirements. ESA strongly recommends that stakeholders familiarize themselves with these important proposed changes.

ESA’s Board of Directors has endorses these changes, and consequently, they were submitted to the provincial Government for review and approval. 



Completed Consultations

Proposed Changes to Entertainment and Deviation Request Fees

ESA requests input from stakeholders on two fee change proposals.

  1. The first proposal would introduce cost recovery fees for deviation applications.
  2. The second proposal would increase entertainment fees also in order to achieve cost recovery.

For those who are interested in reviewing the proposals in detail and submitting feedback, please see the document below.

The consultation closed December 21, 2023.