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Tech Tips to Create a Smart Home

Many homeowners look for ways to add the latest tech gadgets to their home. First it was satellite dishes and surround sound systems to enhance their home theaters. Now, homeowners are incorporating connected gadgets and devices like Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats, security cameras and smart plugs to provide safety, security and convenience.

If you’re planning to upgrade to a smart home, it’s important to work with the right experts. A Licensed Electrical Contractor will ensure your upgrades are installed safely and to code.

Tech expert Marc Saltzman has provided some tips to keep in mind when planning your 21st century renovations.

Swipe right to heat your home

Convenience is a driving factor for homeowners to adapt their homes to smart homes. The ability to turn your lights on and off or adjust the temperature from your smartphone lets you monitor your usage and save on energy. While simple to use, it’s important to take any electrical considerations into account before installing. Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats will require a specific voltage and may need additional wiring to install.

Being “smart” about security

Security systems have advanced over the years from motion sensor lights and alarms to advanced video doorbells and cameras. These systems allow homeowners to keep an eye on their home, even when they are not there. Before installing these systems, it’s important to plan ahead. Consult with a Licensed Electrical Contractor to ensure they are installed correctly and safely. Remember, any devices being used outdoors must be rated for outdoor use. This will help prevent damage and deterioration from being exposed to the elements, which could cause shocks, or even potential fires.

The power of light

Lighting can help achieve the right ambience but can also provide security when you are away. To help with this, smart plugs are a great option to control your lights from anywhere from your smart phone. With many of these gadgets available online, it’s important to check to make sure they are approved for use in Canada before you buy. Look for a recognized certification mark to ensure it’s safe.

Here's a tip

Smart speakers, such as a Google Home or Amazon Echo, are powered by AI assistants and can help control the tech gadgets in your home. Use one to streamline your devices to create an interactive way to engage with your home.