smart home controller

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

There are many ways we all can make our respective surroundings greener while working to reduce their carbon footprint. The latest technologies can help lessen environmental impact and cut down on unnecessary uses of electricity, regardless of the space you are in. 

Here are “smart” and simple ways to make an impact:

Smart heating

Wi-Fi thermostats and other smart temperature regulation devices can prove to be both effective and efficient when it comes to heating and cooling your home. These devices work by determining your schedule and only raising or lowering the temperature when you are home. This improves energy usage and can also impact your monthly bill. 

Smart lighting

Switching your regular light bulbs for an environmentally friendly alternative such as LED lights are also energy and cost-efficient. These lights use less electricity and typically last longer, while reducing environmental impact. Smart plugs and Bluetooth outlets give you the ability to control them from your phone or tablet too. 

Smart driving

Looking beyond the home, people can make environmentally conscious changes in the way they get around. Making the switch to an electric vehicle can help reduce carbon emissions as well as save money at the gas pumps. Always be sure to hire a Licensed Electrical Contractor if you find you need to install a larger EV charging station to keep your vehicle full on battery life and ensure they file a notification of work with ESA. Ask for a copy of the Certificate of Acceptance for your records.

For additional information EV charging stations, check out the latest episode of ESA’s “Grounded in Ontario” podcast: EV Supply Equipment.

Safety Tip

With many “smart” gadgets available to buy online, it’s important to make sure they’re approved for use in Canada before you buy. Look for a recognized certification mark to ensure it’s safe.