Backsplash Some Life Into Your Kitchen

With the burgeoning trend toward neutral kitchens, the backsplash offers an opportunity to inject personality into this high-traffic space. A slab backsplash is a luxury choice in marble, limestone, granite, quartz, concrete, or back painted glass.

Regardless of choice, remember that the backsplash will be interrupted by electrical outlets and sometimes seams — two items you can consider at the elevation stage. Outlet placement should be reviewed with your Licensed Electrical Contractor as there is a minimum distance between them required by Code. You might even consider pop-up or other camouflage options for outlets and electrical switches from specialty electrical retailers. We like to place outlets horizontally within the backsplash, and as close to the counter as possible to prevent visual clutter at eye level. Finally, if you’ve splurged on your backsplash, make sure to showcase it with the right lighting. Fibre optic rope lighting can highlight this feature.


If you’re painting the walls a dark colour, or going with a vibrant colour choice for your backsplash, consider purchasing matching switches and outlet covers, which will blend seamlessly with décor.