small kitchen

Maximizing your small spaces

Whether you are completely redoing your space, or just adding in a few comforts that make it feel more like home, the Electrical Safety Authority has ways that you can make your small spaces feel like big places.

Mapping it out

Knowing where you would like everything to go is half the battle when designing a room or living space. Larger pieces of furniture such as couches or bookshelves can help create divisions of space within the same room. It is important to consider common foot paths such as entryways and avoid placing anything that hinders your movement. 

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Lighting levels

When it comes to planning small spaces – lighting is key. Lighting can help make your space appear bigger, especially when you use lights at various levels within your home. Pot lights can be a great way to save floor space while lighting an entire room. 

Hiring a Licensed Electrical Contractor

If your small space renovation includes any kind of electrical work, be sure to hire a Licensed Electrical Contractor who will perform the work properly and safely. A Licensed Electrical Contractor knows the Ontario Electrical Safety Code and will make sure all electrical regulations are adhered to. They can also provide you with an Electrical Safety Authority Certificate of Acceptance when the work is complete for your records and insurance purposes, which will also provide you with peace of mind.

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Make use of existing structural columns by incorporating shelving for built-in storage and display.