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Make Your New Space Shine With 4 Types of Lighting

Lighting plays a key role in showcasing all the design elements of a space. Too often, it’s overlooked or an afterthought, which can lead to delays and extra costs. Choosing the wrong kind of lighting, or not installing it correctly, could also risk the safety of you and your family.

Consider the four types of lighting early in the planning process to help make your dream renovation a reality.

  1. Ambient lighting is the main lighting in a room. This can include chandeliers or pot lights. Keep in mind: pot lights aren’t one-size-fits-all. There are specific pot lights for insulated ceilings designed to eliminate the risk of a fire. A Licensed Electrical Contractor (LEC) knows the right choice.
  2. Task lighting is a direct light focused on a specific space for activity, like food preparation. Adding pendant lights over a kitchen island may require additional wiring and switches – a job for a Licensed Electrical Contractor. Your Licensed Electrical Contractor will file the electrical notification of work with the Electrical Safety Authority and request a review so you can focus on choosing a pendant light that reflects your personal style.
  3. Accent lighting is directed at a specific feature in a room. Library lights showcase artwork and under- or in-cabinet lighting helps beautiful glassware sparkle. Fibre optic rope lighting is an improved way to illuminate cabinet interiors, replacing the less effective “puck” lights. If your accent lights require hardwiring, make sure to secure expert advice from a Licensed Electrical Contractor and plan ahead.
  4. Decorative lighting is a design element in its own right – think of it as jewelry for architecture! Distinctive wall sconces flanking a fireplace or archway can be a room’s focal point. You’ll need to engage your Licensed Electrical Contractor for a wiring as well as advice on where to place the switches, so they blend more seamlessly into your space.


Adding new lighting requires an electrical notification and only certain companies can install it. There are specific requirements for an electrician to have both a business license and a trade qualification in Ontario. Hire only a Licensed Electrical Contractor or make sure your interior designer or general contractor hires one!