outdoor lighting

Light Up Your Life

A Bright Idea for Outdoors

Show off your garden any time – day or night – by incorporating the right lighting plan. Traditionally thought of as more of an indoor requirement, a layered lighting plan helps bring plants out of the shadows.

Similar to indoor renovations, it’s always best to start with a plan and work with the right experts to help make your dream backyard become a reality. Working with a landscape designer and a Licensed Electrical Contractor will help to achieve a space that is beautiful and powered to perform.

With so many types of lighting to consider for outdoors, the options may seem endless. From pathway lighting to downlighting, even flood lights (to name a few), there is an option for every need to light up your home’s exterior. Gardening expert Frankie Flowers recommends incorporating a mix of lighting to create a dynamic outdoors space and showcase the beauty of your home and garden.

Light Up Your Façade

A little light can go a long way to add drama to the outside of your house. With the addition of uplighting and downlighting, key features of your home and garden are highlighted to draw attention. With uplighting, these lights are strategically placed on the ground and pointed upward in your garden, along a pool or against the front of your house to highlight architectural features. They can provide as much or as little light as you need, depending on the type lights and wattage used. Downlighting is another great way to show off your home and garden, casting a subtle glow on what lies below. Just make sure all components from the lights to the wiring to outlets are rated for outdoor use. This will help prevent damage and deterioration that can come from being exposed to the elements, which could cause shocks, or even potential fires.

Follow the Lit-Up Road

Pathway lighting is another great way to elevate your outdoor space. The inclusion of lighting along a path not only helps prevent trips or falls, but is a great way to add a bit of luxe to the walkway of your home. When having this lighting installed, remember that all wires need to be buried a minimum depth, which can vary from 45 cm up to one metre depending on the voltage of the wires and the wiring method used. Consult a Licenced Electrical Contractor before your project starts to plan appropriately.

Sting of lights

Add Some Twinkle

Decorative lighting can help add a little je ne sais quoi to a smaller outdoor space, creating an inviting environment for everyone to enjoy. Hanging string lights or incorporating patio lanterns offer a gentle, warm light that can help you relax. Just remember these must be rated for outdoor use, and make sure your outdoor outlet is protected by a Class A GFCI – and if exposed to the elements, has a cover plate marked “Extra Duty” to keep water and debris out to prevent shocks.

Power the Outdoor Trends

The latest trend for landscapes is to incorporate natural elements to your garden, like fire or water. Heat up your outdoor living room with a fireplace, but remember there may be electrical considerations if you choose an electric or gas fireplace. If considering a pond or other decorative water feature, beware of any underground wires or gas lines, and always call Ontario One Call before you dig.

While many people take on a backyard as a DIY project, it is often an investment to achieve that Instagram-worthy backyard. Proper planning and hiring the right experts, including a Licensed Electrical Contractor for electrical work, can make your outdoor space come to life.


When choosing plants for your garden choose white flowers and plants with silver foliage. Both reflect light and add a magical element in the moonlight.

A Nighttime Garden

Busy schedules leave little time to enjoy your outdoor space until after the sun sets. But with some planning and the right experts, including a Licensed Electrical Contractor, you can create the perfect space to enjoy under the stars. Gardening expert Frank Ferragine (a.k.a. Frankie Flowers) shares inspiration for your nighttime oasis.

Choose white and silver plants. The right flora will add flair to your nighttime garden. Incorporate a mix of white flowers and silver foliage to reflect light. Geraniums, star jasmine and moon flower are great options for sunny spots, or try tuberous, begonias or impatiens for shady spots. For foliage, try dusty miller, Russian sage or a Japanese painted fern.

Add ambiance with lighting. Good lighting will enhance your garden and add ambiance to the space. Landscape lighting will complement a row of cedars and pathway lighting adds a decorative touch to the walkway.

Create a safe environment. A nicely lit landscape not only looks beautiful for an evening affair and will help guests navigate your property safely at night, but it can also be a deterrent for would-be-thieves.