What is a service/connection inspection and when does it take place?

A service inspection takes place after all customer-owned service equipment and related wiring is installed and ready.

Depending on the installation, this inspection may include the meter base, panel board, ground electrode, trenching, underground conductors, pole(s), overhead conductors, and so on. At least one outlet and associated wiring must also be completed before the inspection. No part of the installation can be concealed before inspection (e.g. backfilling of trench or overtop of ground electrodes). For new installations, the service inspection and rough-in inspection are completed at the same time, or additional inspection fees may apply.

Before installing any electrical service equipment, each project requires a service layout that sets out what the utility will supply and install and what is required from the homeowner. Contact the utility for this service layout.

After a successful service inspection, ESA authorizes the utility to energize the customer service. This connection authorization is valid for up to six months from the date of issue.