What is a rough-in inspection and when does it take place?

A rough-in inspection takes place when all branch circuit wiring and outlet boxes are installed, before the wiring is hidden by insulation, vapour barrier, drywall, etc. As a minimum, the rough-in inspection confirms:

  • All cables are installed, strapped and supported as required;
  • All required outlet boxes are installed and securely fastened;
  • All cables have their outer jacket removed and are terminated in outlet boxes where an outlet box is required;
  • All bonding connections are completed at all outlet boxes, including providing a bonding conductor for final connection where required to a wiring device, luminaire, or equipment;
  • Any joints or splices in the wiring at outlet boxes are completed;
  • Protection plates against nails/screws are installed where required; and
  • No wiring is concealed by insulation or floor, wall, and ceiling materials until authorized by an inspector.

For new installations, the service inspection and the rough-in inspection are usually completed at the same time. Otherwise, additional inspection fees may apply.