Non-Regulatory Business Ventures Conflict of Interest Reporting

This webpage has been developed to support ESA’s Non-Regulatory Business Ventures Policy.

ESA is responsible for avoiding any such conflict of interest related to Non-regulatory Business Venture(s), which are detrimental to ESA’s obligations under the Administrative Agreement with the provincial government and its Statutory Mandate. 

The Policy outlines the corporate relationship between ESA’s regulatory activities and any Non-Regulatory Business Venture(s). The Policy does NOT apply to actual or potential Personal Conflict of Interest.

For more information on the management of Non-Regulatory Business Ventures concerns, governing principles and Rules, please refer to the policy.


Submitting a Concern

IMPORTANTBefore submitting a concern, please refer to the Non-Regulatory Business Ventures Policy. If your concern does not fall within the scope of this Policy, it will be redirected. To submit a concern that falls outside the scope of this Policy, please visit: ESA’s Complaints Policy & Procedure.

To submit a concern related to ESA’s Non-Regulatory Business Ventures, please submit your concern in writing to the following email address:

Please include the following information in your submission:

  1. Description of your concern
  2. Involved Line of Business
    • ESAFE (Field Evaluation)
    • Training
    • Non-Regulatory Wiring Inspections (e.g. First Nations, Federal Lands, etc.)
    • Continuous Safety Services (CSS)
    • Other 
  3. Confirm whether your concern violates one or more of the Principles in the Non-Regulatory Business Ventures Policy and indicate which specific Principles apply to your concern.

Please allow 72 hours for a response from ESA.