Non-Regulatory Business

ESA’s mandate is to promote electrical safety in Ontario. We undertake activities that are specific to the administration of Part VIII of the Electricity Act and its associated regulations.

Under our Administrative Agreement with the government, we may also conduct non-regulatory business. This business must align with our safety goals.

Non-regulatory business falls outside government regulation but within ESA’s mandate of electrical safety. Other providers may also offer these services in Ontario.

Activities include:

  • Regulatory services to non-regulated clients and installations. For instance, some electrical wiring work does not fall under the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. For others, no other electrical body has authority. For these, ESA provides wiring inspections and Continuous Safety Services on request. Read more about specific cases in Section 2-000 of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. 
  • Other non-regulatory business services. These include field evaluation, training, and general electrical reviews.

Our Administrative Agreement sets out specific principles when conducting non-regulatory business.  In particular, our efforts will not lead to unfair business practices or negatively impact on business competition.

More information: 

Third Party Review of ESA’s Non-Regulatory Business - 2019

Per ESA’s Administrative Agreement (AA) with the Ministry of Public and Business Service Delivery (MPBSD), ESA is required to periodically engage a third party to conduct a review of it’s non-regulatory business ventures’ compliance with the Schedule “F” (Non-Regulatory Business).

To this end, in June 2019, ESA contracted Deloitte to undertake a review of its non-regulatory business activities conducted between April 1, 2018 and March 31, 2019.