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ESA Launches Risk-Based Oversight of Wiring Inspections

Moving to Risk-based Oversight will make it easier to comply with electrical safety regulations and help reduce the burden on Ontario businesses.

MISSISSAUGA, ON (July 6, 2020) – Today Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) continued its modernization journey with the launch of Risk-Based Oversight (RBO) for inspections of electrical wiring notifications, helping to reduce the burden on Ontario businesses. This approach allows ESA to focus on work that is higher risk while targeting the underground economy.

risk-based oversight process
Risk-Based Oversight Process

RBO for wiring work is a process where ESA’s oversight of an electrical installation is based on an assessment of the safety risk. Safety risk means: the likelihood an event will occur, and if it does, how much harm it will cause. When a notification is opened with ESA it will now include an assessment by the RBO System using “who, what, where” criteria and then a risk recommendation provided to the Inspector for a final review.

By adopting RBO, ESA will be able to spend more time on safety activities such as helping to make sure wiring work meets the requirements of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code and is done by people who are qualified. ESA’s objective is to make it easier to comply with electrical safety regulations and reduce the burden on Ontario businesses. 

What is the RBO System?

Risk inspection is based on an initial assessment of the work by the “RBO System”. The system uses a set of programmed guidelines and rules using risk attributes that calculate and assign a risk level at the time an electrical notification is processed. It then provides an oversight recommendation to the Inspector who makes the final determination on a site visit.

What changes can you expect when filing a notification?

ESA updated our online system to improve the customer experience. The new online system makes it easier to open notifications, it’s more user friendly and allows electrical work to be better described. It will also include “help” tools to assist when submitting an online notification.

What stays the same?

You are still able to file a notification by phone, fax or online. Contractors that provide 24 hours notice for medium and low-risk notifications may request a next day inspection.

For more information about Risk Based Oversight

ESA posted five short webinars about RBO on our website offering information for contractors, municipalities, Licensed Distribution Companies and the new ESA online system for submitting notifications. The webinars can be watched at any time and provide an overview of the new approach to wiring inspections.

Additional information about Risk Based Oversight, and developments over the coming months.

About the Electrical Safety Authority

The Electrical Safety Authority's (ESA’s) role is to enhance public electrical safety in Ontario. As an administrative authority acting on behalf of the Government of Ontario, ESA is responsible for administering specific regulations related to the Ontario Electrical Safety Code, the licensing of Electrical Contractors and Master Electricians, electricity distribution system safety, and electrical product safety. ESA works extensively with stakeholders throughout the province on education, training and promotion to foster electrical safety across the province.

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