General Contractor Guilty of Conducting Illegal Electrical Work; Putting Residents of 92 Apartment Units in Toronto at Risk

General contractors are required to hire Licensed Electrical Contractors

Mississauga, ON (September 24, 2019) – On September 9, 2019 A+ Development and Management Corporation (A+ Development) and the director of A+ Development pleaded guilty and were convicted in Ontario Court of Justice, Toronto Region, for operating an electrical contracting business without a licence and failing to apply for electrical inspection.

A+ Development was sentenced to a total fine of $10,000 plus a $2,500 victim surcharge. The director was given a suspended sentence.

A+ Development, which operates as a general contractor, was hired to complete a full renovation of 92 units in a residential building. A+ Development failed to hire a Licensed Electrical Contractor (LEC) for the electrical work performed as part of the renovation contract and did not apply for inspection of electrical work.

Following the ESA investigation and charges, A+ Development voluntarily hired an LEC to rectify all electrical defects and arranged for ESA to conduct a follow-up electrical inspection of the 92 units which resulted in ESA Certificates of Inspection.

“Illegal electrical work does not save time or money, and it puts Ontarians’ safety at risk,” says Steve Smith, General Manager for Central Region, Electrical Safety Authority. “Electrical safety is everyone’s responsibility, and general contractors and property owners alike should take great care in ensuring that renters in Toronto have a safe place to call home.”

When hiring someone to do electrical work:

  • Ensure the contractor holds all required qualifications and licences – including an ECRA/ESA licence for electrical work. You should also ask for their references.
  • Check that the contractor has secured all appropriate notifications to the Electrical Safety Authority and requested an inspection.
  • Advise the contractor that you expect a copy of the ESA Certificate of Acceptance from them once the electrical work is complete.

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The Electrical Safety Authority's (ESA’s) role is to enhance public electrical safety in Ontario. As an administrative authority acting on behalf of the Government of Ontario, ESA is responsible for administering specific regulations related to the Ontario Electrical Safety Code, the licensing of Electrical Contractors and Master Electricians, electricity distribution system safety, and electrical product safety. ESA works extensively with stakeholders throughout the province on education, training and promotion to foster electrical safety across the province.

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