Municipality Resources


Municipality Resources

MUNICIPAL ADVISORY ALERT: The Electrical Safety  Authority has changed its “Occupancy Letter” to a “Statement of Electrical Installation Status.” You can find more information regarding this change here.

Help educate the people in your municipality and ensure their safety. Electrical work is dangerous, and can put people and properties at risk.municipalities info flyer

Having a building permit is not the same as filing an electrical notification. In Ontario, you often need both.

Most electrical work needs to be reported to the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) by filing a notification of work (permit). When hiring someone to do electrical work, they must be a Licensed Electrical Contractor (LEC). In Ontario, it’s the law.

Almost all electrical work requires a notification to ESA.

Whoever is doing the electrical work (the homeowner or an LEC) must file a notification of work with ESA before or within 48 hours of when the work starts. An electrical notification from ESA is separate from a building permit.

An electrical notification creates a permanent record of the electrical work with ESA, who will issue a final Certificate of Acceptance once the installation is deemed compliant.

Resources Available

The resources, which can be requested below, have been specifically drafted for municipalities. They can be posted on your website and shared with anyone applying for a building permit (or at any stage of the permit and inspection process deemed appropriate).

  • ESA Digital Stamp (use on building permits or review plans)
  • Digital Municipal Information Flyer (also a hyperlink will be provided if you prefer to post a link to the flyer)

Complete the request form below to receive digital copies of these resources.

User Agreement: By using the stamp and/or flyer provided, the municipality (“User”) agrees and accepts that: (1) use of the ESA digital stamp and/or flyer does not create any positive obligation on ESA to ensure that electrical work has been carried out in accordance with the Ontario Electrical Safety Code; (2) ESA’s oversight obligations in respect of electrical safety are subject to compliance with ESA’s requirements, including a notification being taken out in respect of the applicable electrical work by the party undertaking such work. The User further agrees not to alter the materials provided, and not to use ESA’s trademarks in any manner that may represent to the public that the User is the owner of ESA’s trademarks. All goodwill arising from use of ESA’s trademarks will ensure to the benefit of ESA.

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