What can I bring to the exam?

What materials are allowed?

The Master Electrician Examination is an open book examination. You are permitted to bring only the following to the examination (Pre-Master Electrician Exam course workbooks are not permitted):

  1. Master Electrician Examination Reference Material (Reference Material & Guideline to the Duties and Responsibilities of LEC’s and DME’s) — this can be downloaded from ESA website for free.
  2. Latest version of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code (no photocopies). You can bring in a copy of your printed electronic version. 
  3. Relevant Legislation that consists of Acts, Bills and Regulations that relate to electrical contracting and is relevant to the training and examination. 
  4. Calculator (non programmable) 
  5. Pencil & Scrap paper

Can I make notes in my Code book?

You can make notes in the Code book if they expand on concepts or words that might be unclear. You may not add notes that aren’t relevant to the material covered in the Code book.

Reviewers will check the material you bring into an exam before you enter and leave to check for unapproved notes.

Are electronic versions of the Code permitted?

Only hard copy materials are permitted into the exam. Electronic PDF Versions are not permitted for either in person or on the computer exams.

If you are taking the exam on a computer, you are not allowed to open up additional tabs on your screen.

Although not necessary, OESC Bulletins are permitted to be brought and used for the ME exam.