Master Electrician Exam

How can I find out where the Master Electrician exams are taking place?

What is the cost to write the exam?

The cost of the examination for both the in-person and virtually proctored is $145.00 + HST ($163.85).

Can I write my Master Electrician’s exam before I have met the three-year requirement?

Yes, you can; however, your exam are only valid for 12 months and are required for your ME Licence application. 

IMPORTANT: If you do not meet the eligibility requirements for the ME licence (for example, you don’t yet have 3 years work experience) you may want to wait and only apply to write the ME exam when you meet all of eligibility requirements.

Can I bring an interpreter to the exam?

Yes, interpreters are permitted. Please contact the Exam Department at 905-712-5385 or Masters.Exam@electricalsafety.on.ca to set up a private exam date.

Any individual requiring an Interpreter during the Master Electrician Exam must send the Interpreter Attendance Request for Master Electrician Exam form in order to arrange for a private exam session. Scheduling and Fees associated with organizing an interpreter are at the expense of the requesting individual. 

PLEASE NOTE: ESA does not supply interpreters or have a list of preferred interpreters. Exam takers are encouraged to do their own research to find a suitable interpreter, who meets the following criteria: 

  1. Either OCCI (Ontario Coalition for Community Interpreters) accredited or ATIO (Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario) certified; 
  2. Holds a valid (not expired) certification/accreditation and able to produce it to ESA; 
  3. Not in a conflict of interest with the test taker; and 
  4. Available for the exam date assigned by ESA. 

When will I receive my Master Electrician exam results?

The examination results will be issued within 15 business days. Results will not be provided over the phone.

Can I receive my Master Electrician exam results by telephone?

No. To maintain privacy, exam results are not given over the telephone. Please ensure that you have provided your current email address.

I still have questions

What if I have additional questions about the exam and virtual proctoring?

First, check out more Exam FAQs on the Virtually Proctored Exam page.

If you still have questions, email masters.exam@electricalsafety.on.ca

I have a learning disability and need assistance. Can someone help me?

ESA is committed to meeting the accessibility needs of people with disabilities. Please contact the Exam Department at 905-712-5385 or masters.exam@electricalsafety.on.ca to request an accommodation. 

To make an accommodation request, you must provide a written explanation of the reason for the accommodation request (such as a doctor’s note), as well as a specific description of the accommodation you need when you submit your exam application form. Please specify whether you intend to take your exam in person or online. 

Once the request has been received and approved, someone from the Exam Department will contact you to arrange for a private exam session.

Please note: the virtual proctor solution may not be an option for those requiring an accommodation.

Do I have to take the Pre-Master Electrician course before I take the Master Electrician exam?

No. However, applicants that fail the exam 2 times are asked to take any type of Master Electrician preparatory training course or Code training course — either from ESA, or an accredited college/training facility/company — before attempting the exam a third time.

What can I bring to the exam?

What materials are allowed?

The Master Electrician Examination is an open book examination. You are permitted to bring only the following to the examination (Pre-Master Electrician Exam course workbooks are not permitted):

  1. Master Electrician Examination Reference Material (Reference Material & Guideline to the Duties and Responsibilities of LEC’s and DME’s) — this can be downloaded from ESA website for free.
  2. Latest version of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code (no photocopies). You can bring in a copy of your printed electronic version. 
  3. Relevant Legislation that consists of Acts, Bills and Regulations that relate to electrical contracting and is relevant to the training and examination. 
  4. Calculator (non programmable) 
  5. Pencil & Scrap paper

Can I make notes in my Code book?

You can make notes in the Code book if they expand on concepts or words that might be unclear. You may not add notes that aren’t relevant to the material covered in the Code book.

Reviewers will check the material you bring into an exam before you enter and leave to check for unapproved notes.

Are electronic versions of the Code permitted?

Only hard copy materials are permitted into the exam. Electronic PDF Versions are not permitted for either in person or on the computer exams.

If you are taking the exam on a computer, you are not allowed to open up additional tabs on your screen.

Although not necessary, OESC Bulletins are permitted to be brought and used for the ME exam.