Master Electrician Exam

How can I find out where and when the Pre-Master Electrician courses and Master Electrician exams are taking place?

You’ll find the Master Electrician Exam and Training Schedules here:

Can I write my Master Electrician’s exam before I have met the three-year requirement?

No. You cannot write the Master Electrician exam until you have three years’ experience under the appropriate Certificate of Qualification, Professional Engineer’s licence or as a Certified Engineering Technologist or Engineering Technician.  The three years is calculated from the date of your licence or certification and should be with a Licensed Electrical Contractor. Sorry, an apprenticeship doesn’t count.

Can I bring an interpreter to the exam?

Yes, but only if the interpreter is from the Language Interpreter Services (LIS) program of the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration. Please contact the Licensing department at 905-712-5385 to set up an exam date, and then contact LIS to arrange for an interpreter. For the office in your area, see the LIS interpreter contact list on the second page of the Master Electrician Exam Notice of Interpreter Attendance. You must fax the completed Form 10 business days before the exam date for approval. Scheduling and fees to arrange an interpreter are at your own expense.

Can I receive my Master Electrician exam results by telephone?

No. To maintain privacy, exam results are not given over the telephone. The examination results will be issued within 15 working days; results will not be provided over the phone. Please ensure that you have provided your current email address.

Can I make notes in my codebook?

You can make notes in the codebook if they expand on concepts or words that might be unclear. You may not add notes that aren’t relevant to the material covered in the codebook. Reviewers will check the material you bring into an exam before you enter and leave to check for unapproved notes.

I have a learning disability and need assistance. Can someone help me?

Yes, help is available if you have a learning disability.  You must provide proof of the disability, such as a doctor’s note. Please contact the Licensing department at 905-712-5385 or masters.exam@electricalsafety.on.ca to arrange for help.

Is the Pre-Master electrician course a prerequisite for the Master Electrician exam?

No. However, applicants who fail the Master Electrician examination twice might have to take a Pre-Master Electrician Course or other related course before being allowed to take the exam again.

What can I bring to the exam?

Here’s what you can bring to the Master Electrician exam:

  1. Ontario Electrical Safety Code 27th Edition / 2018 (no photocopies)
  2. Relevant legislation related to electrical contracting. This can include printed e-laws, the Master Electrician Examination reference book, and Guideline to the Duties and Responsibilities of Licensed Electrical Contractors and Designated Master Electricians. Workbooks are not allowed.
  3. Calculator
  4. Pencil.