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Authority and Policy
Exemptions to Disclosure
Types of Requests, Fees and Processing Times

Authority and Policy

ESA is not subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection and Privacy Act.  As part of ESA’s Agreement with the government, ESA follows an Access and Privacy Code. The Minister of Government and Consumer Services has approved this code.

You may request access to records held by the Electrical Safety Authority. ESA reviews these requests according to our Access and Privacy Code and applicable federal and provincial privacy laws. ESA provides access to most records, with certain exemptions described below.

Exemptions to Disclosure 1

ESA will not disclose some records, including:

  1. Records containing personal information

  2. Confidential records containing commercial, proprietary, technical or financial information if disclosing those records could result in undue loss or gain, damage a competitive position or interfere with negotiations.

Also, ESA also may choose not to disclose records if doing so:

  • Violates a legally recognized privilege;
  • Compromises ongoing ESA investigation and enforcement activities;
  • Impairs ESA’s ability to provide a fair, safe and informed marketplace that supports a competitive economy;
  • Involves bulk data and aggregate accident and other sensitive aggregate data identifying a specific person;
  • Involves information that is the substance of deliberations by ESA’s Board of Directors and its committees, or committees established by ESA, including but not limited to agenda, minutes, policy options and analysis, internal advice, proprietary information, and advice to government;
  • Violates a provision of the designated Act; or
  • Could reasonably be expected to adversely impact compliance with regulatory requirements.

If all information you request meets falls under an exemption, ESA will deny your request. If some information falls under an exemption, ESA will remove the exempt information from the records it provides.

For more information, refer to the Access and Privacy Code.


Types of Requests, Fees and Processing Times

Record Search

Use a Record Search to find out if there are any ESA notifications (open or outstanding) for an address. The fee for a Record Search is $70 per address. ESA typically processes these requests in 48 hours.

Visit our Forms page to download the Record Search application form.

Email your completed application to:

Request for Access to Information

This Request is wider in scope than a Record Search. It may involve specific information in a notification and copies of ESA correspondence.

There are two types of Requests for Access to Information:

  1. SIMPLE REQUEST: A simple request involves records specific to an address. Processing times can vary. ESA answers most requests within 15 business days.The fee is usually $70.
    • For example, a property owner or tenant looking for information specific to their home. 
  2. COMPLEX REQUEST: This request need extra review or data pulled from various sources. The fee is $153 per hour.  You'll receive a fee estimate before ESA answers your request. Processing times vary due to the complex nature of the request. 

Send your requests through the Request to Access Information Application Form

Email completed applications to:

1 For the precise language of the exemptions, please see the Access and Privacy Code.