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Electrical Safety Information for Realtors

The one-stop electrical safety resource for you and your clients!

We know how important it is for your clients to have the best protection possible. After all, they’re making one of the most important – and often largest – investments in their lives.

Do your due diligence for your clients and their home’s electrical system with these four tips:

  1. Do a record search.
    Before the sale is final, suggest that your clients have their lawyer request a Search of Records from ESA. This will show if there are any open Notifications on the property since 2000. An open notification automatically transfers responsibility to the new homeowner for any work or defects that may exist. (Note there are fees for a Search of Records.
  2. Know the home's electrical history.
    This is especially important if your client is planning to renovate. Tell them to submit a Request for Information to ESA. They’ll receive a record of previous electrical work done under notification, and find out if the renovations were reviewed by ESA. (Note there are fees for a Request for Information).
  3. Hire the right professionals.
    Do your clients plan to renovate? Remind them that by Ontario law, they can only hire Licensed Electrical Contractors (LECs) to do electrical work. Licensed Electrical Contractors are the only companies that can file electrical notifications of work and provide an ESA Certificate of Acceptance when the work is done. This is important for resale and insurance, as well as your peace of mind. Your clients can find a Licensed Electrical Contractor in their area using ESA’s Contractor look-up tool.
  4. DIY: Know your obligations.
    Most electrical work requires an ESA notification. Remind your clients to keep the ESA documentation for insurance and eventual resale