Electrical Safety Assessments & Fire Code Inspections

Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) conducted a review of its ElecCheck program in 2021 as part of recommendation 11 from the 2020 Auditor General Value-for-Money Audit. After thorough consultations, ESA decided to decommission the ElecCheck program effective April 4, 2022. An “ElecCheck-style” Electrical System Safety Assessment can be performed by a Licensed Electrical Contractor (LEC) using resources1 from the former ElecCheck program.

General Inspections for Fire Code Compliance

Please note that ESA is conducting General Inspections for the purposes of Fire Code Compliance only. Fire Code Compliance falls under Sub-Section 9.8 of the Fire Code, which applies to multi-unit dwellings.

To identify issues, the inspector will evaluate several areas of your home’s electrical system including wiring, receptacles, switches, swimming pools, hot tubs, etc.

  • The inspector may turn the power off to your home for a few minutes during the inspection so that your electrical panel can be safely inspected.
  • The inspector is looking for incomplete or non-code compliant wiring methods.
  • The inspection does not include electrical behind the walls, attics or anything concealed at the time of the inspection.
  • If deficiencies are identified during the General Inspection, a separate wiring notification must be taken out with ESA by the party performing the repairs (i.e. a Licensed Electrical Contractor or the homeowner). Learn more about Notifications and Inspections here.

To file a notification for a General Inspection for Fire Code Compliance, contact the ESA Customer Service Center at 1-877-372-7233.

What is an Electrical System Safety Assessment?

If you need to have home inspected for reasons other than Fire Code Compliance (for example, obtaining home insurance, real estate transactions, conforming to local by-laws, etc.), a Licensed Electrical Contracting (LEC) business can perform an Electrical System Safety Assessment.  

An Electrical System Safety Assessment is a review of your home's electrical wiring and/or devices to identify potential electrical hazards that could lead to a fire and/or shock. An LEC may use an Electrical System Safety Assessment Checklist when evaluating a home’s electrical system.    

If electrical deficiencies are identified (i.e., an electrical installation or condition that does not comply with the Ontario Electrical Safety Code) during an Electrical System Safety Assessment, a separate notification of work must be taken out with ESA by the party performing the repairs (i.e. a Licensed Electrical Contractor or the homeowner).

When it comes to electrical work, ESA always recommends hiring a Licensed Electrical Contracting Business, as they have the equipment, training and expertise to do electrical work safely.  



  • The resources provided here are for Licensed Electrical Contractors use and for information purposes. Licensed Electrical Contractors should rely on their own knowledge, experience and skill in any use they choose to make of these materials.
  • The “Electrical System Safety Assessment” is not an exhaustive summary of the requirements of the Code or of what is necessary to assess electrical safety at any particular location. 
  • Provision of these resources does not constitute legal or technical advice for any property, or at all.  
  • In carrying out any electrical assessment or undertaking electrical work, no one should hold themselves out as an electrical inspector or as an agent or representative of the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA).  
  • ESA makes no warranties with respect to these materials including their fitness for a particular purpose and assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or use of these materials.