What is a Licensed Electrical Contractor and why should I hire one?

Licensed Electrical Contractors are the only businesses, with certain exemptions, in Ontario legally authorized to do electrical work in your home or facility. 

All Licensed Electrical Contractors: 

  • carry liability insurance; 
  • have Workplace Safety and Insurance Board coverage; 
  • understand that they must arrange for an electrical notification to ESA; 
  • are qualified to perform electrical work to meet the Ontario Electrical Safety Code; 
  • can show an ECRA/ESA licence number

Always ask for an ECRA/ESA licence number to make sure you’re choosing the right electrical contractor. If you use a general contractor or other trade professional who subcontracts the electrical work, it must be done by a Licensed Electrical Contractor. Check the status of the person working in your home or find a Licensed Electrical Contractor here