To Request a Search of Records or Access Information

Please note that notification forms cannot be submitted directly through the website to the Customer Service Centre. 

Submit your completed request:
By fax: 1-800-667-4278
By email:
By phone: 1-877-372-7233
By mail: 400 Sheldon Dr., Unit 1, Cambridge, ON, N1T 2H9 

Record Search

This service generates a report for a specific address indicating if there are open/outstanding notifications of workpertaining to the address. If copies of correspondence, notes and/or specific details about any notifications (open or closed) for an address are required, please submit an Access to Information Request. 

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Access to Information Request 

A Request for Access to Information is broader in scope than a Record Search and may involve specific information and notes recorded in a notification of work, and/or copies of ESA correspondence.
Please note a completed application form must be submitted to process your request. An application cannot be completed over the phone.

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