ESA is a not-for-profit, self-funded organization, which is why we charge for inspections and other services. Revenues support electrical safety education and cover ESA's operating expenses — this includes:

  • processing notifications of work
  • inspecting wiring work
  • enforcing the Ontario Electrical Safety Code (the Code)
  • investigating Code violations
  • combating the underground economy and illegal electrical work
  • updating the Code to reflect technology and market changes
  • educating Ontarians about safe electrical work through awareness campaigns

2022 Wiring Fees

Effective October 3, 2022 — wiring fees have increased on average by 2%. This is the first fee increase since 2016. 

Fees for Residential Renovation small jobs, Commercial small jobs and HVAC will not increase. Given the high volume and low-risk nature of these jobs, ESA is keeping the fees low so they are not a barrier to compliance. It also allows ESA to continue focusing on higher risk areas. 


wiring fee guide

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