COVID-19 and Emergency Health Care Facilities

Effective immediately Electrical Safety Authority is waiving all fees charged for work related to:

  1. Constructing temporary emergency health care facilities using existing buildings or structures; and 
  2. Installing wiring for medical equipment to support patients moved from hospital to home care 

ESA Guidance for Waiving Fees for Emergency Health Care Facilities — Mar. 31, 2020


ESA is a not-for-profit, self-funded organization. That's why ESA charges for inspections and other services.

Revenues from these services support electrical safety education and cover ESA's operating expenses. Wiring notification fees cover the costs of processing these notifications of work and inspecting wiring work. They also go towards, among other activities:

  • enforcing the Ontario Electrical Safety Code
  • investigating Ontario Electrical Safety Code violations
  • enforcement efforts against illegal work
  • maintaining and updating the Code to cover technology or market changes
  • public awareness efforts about safe electrical work.


2020 Wiring Fees

The prices contained in the 2017 Fee Guide continue to be in effect until the launch of Risk-Based Oversight (RBO), July 6, 2020.

wiring fee guide

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