Electrical Safety for Ontario — At Work, Home and in Public Places

At the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA), we anticipate, understand and prevent electrical-related harms so we can improve electrical safety for Ontarians. To achieve our goal, ESA engages in activities including: identifying and targeting leading causes of electrical safety risk; ensuring compliance with regulations; promoting awareness, education and training; and working with stakeholders to gain insight.

We continuously improve the way we work to ensure Ontario remains safe from electrical harm.

Ontario electrical safety report

Understanding Harms: Data and Trends

The Ontario Electrical Safety Report (OESR) was created to provide a comprehensive perspective of electrical fatalities, injuries, and incidents in Ontario. The ESA uses incident data from the OESR to identify areas that present the greatest risk to Ontarians, to monitor changes in incidence, and to identify emerging risks and trends.

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managing harms

Managing Harms: Programs and Initiatives

Using the data and trends of electrical safety risks and outcomes, ESA’s programs and initiatives are to ensure compliance with regulations and to promote electrical safety awareness and education in Ontario

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strategy, tactics and vision

Preventing Harms: ESA’s Strategic Plan 

An Ontario where people can live, work and play safe from electrical harm.

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2022 Report

Ontario Electrical Safety Report 2022
Download the 2022 OESR Report.

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