Quick Reference for Fire Services

When Should ESA be Contacted or Ordered to a Site by the Fire Department

  1. A Fire Marshal Order application is to be used when there is evidence of imminent life or property hazards in the form of electrical fire or shock hazards. Examples: Exposed bare live wires (electrical) with open ends accessible to the public, service panel covers missing, live open exposed joints or terminations.
  2.  A Fire Department Referral may be used when non-compliant non hazardous electrical code issues are identified and need to be addressed. Examples: Incomplete or non code compliant wiring methods, device covers missing, overloaded extension cords, cable supports, luminaire/receptacles not working or broken, GFCIs not present / working, and water damage.
  3. A Fire Department may at anytime report a possible electrical safety hazard by one of the contact methods below.

    Email: esa.cambridge@electricalsafety.on.ca
    Call: 1-877-372-7233

Fire Safety Tool – Solar Installation Identification 

Not knowing the location of existing renewable energy installations in Ontario can pose challenges for firefighters responding to emergency situations. As a new and emerging technology, renewable energy installations, such as photovoltaic (solar) installations, can create risks for firefighters. These potential risks include being exposed to electrically energized ‘live’ components for solar installations, and not being aware of the presence of solar systems on the roofs of houses or commercial/industrial buildings, which may be difficult to see from the street or at night.

At the request of the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs, the Renewables and Energy Facilitation Branch of the Ministry of Energy, and other stakeholders, the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) discussed with these safety partners public safety, firefighter safety and fire safety in relation to renewable energy systems in Ontario.

As a result of these discussions, the ESA has developed a Web portal for fire departments.  This portal lists existing renewable energy installations (solar installations) in Ontario of which ESA is aware. Currently, the list provides the address and the size of the system (FIT1 and MicroFIT2) for approximately 18,000 renewable energy installations installed in the province. The list will be updated twice a year.

The list does not provide personal information or information in French. ESA cannot guarantee that it is comprehensive.  For example, it does not include renewable energy installations installed prior to 2010. The portal is accessible to Ontario fire departments only.

The portal will increase the level of awareness of where existing renewable energy installations are located, thus enabling fire departments to be better prepared and to implement appropriate safety procedures. Any fire chief who wishes to access the portal should send an e-mail to esa.onlinesupport@electricalsafety.on.ca