Electrical Safety Authority warns of Unapproved Baby Spas and Similar Products

October 8, 2019 (19-10-AL)

The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) is warning end users and the public about unapproved electrically operated Baby Spas and similar products. Electrically operated Baby Spas and similar products are commonly referred to as hydrotherapy tubs or pools which are used for babies wearing a floatation device to keep their heads above the water. These products have not been tested to any applicable standards and do not bear any recognized certification marks for Ontario and/or Canada. 


  • Retailers, suppliers and distributors are to immediately stop selling unapproved Baby Spas and similar products. End users are to immediately stop using all unapproved Baby Spas and similar products. 
  • Baby Spas and similar products are accepted for sale or use in Ontario if they are Certified or Field Certified by a recognized certification agency. Please refer to this link for acceptable certification mark in Ontario.

Please note that Field Evaluation method of approval was deemed not adequate to address all the inherent safety concerns for this type of product. Therefore, Field Evaluation is not accepted, except where the Baby Spas or similar products are already certified to the UL1563 Standard for the US market.

Examples of products:

white hydrotherapy tab with glass door             blue baby hydrotherapy spa/tub          white hydrotherapy tab with glass sides