Electrical Plan Review

How do I submit my drawings for review?

All submissions must be made using the Electronic Plan Review portal.

You must be a valid ESA account customer holder and registered to use the portal.

For assistance, please contact the ESA Plan Review department at 1-800-746-6480. 

Learn more: Electronic Plan Review Portal FAQs

Can I get a rush plan review?

Yes, we do accept requests for rush plan reviews at the discretion of the Plan Review Manager. There is a three-hour administrative charge for this service in addition to the minimum two-hour fee plus review time. This request can be made when creating your submission in the Electronic Plan Review portal.

Do I need to contact the Plan Review department when I make changes to the completed plan based on the comments I receive?

You may contact the Plan Review department for clarification on issues up until the project is underway. After that, please contact the local field inspector, who has the authority to accept or reject your changes.

When do I need to re-submit?

You would be required to resubmit if there is a major change in the scope of the project. Examples include changing the service size or the main feeder size and quantity, or changing from tamper-resistant equipment to non-tamper-resistant equipment. The field inspector may also ask you to resubmit.

Does my plan review ever expire?

The report is valid as long as your submittal was reviewed to the current or last edition of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code with no major changes.

What is an electrical plan review?

Plan review for a proposed electrical installation is a review and audit of the electrical design for compliance with the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. The plan review does not approve or substitute for the work of a Professional Engineer. 

When do plans have to be submitted?

Electrical work may not start until plans have been reviewed when the installation involves:

  • a three-phase consumer service or standby generation, equal to or over 400 amp circuit capacity
  • a single-phase consumer service or standby generation, equal to or over 600 amp
  • a feeder greater than 1000 amp
  • an emergency power supply for life safety systems (see Section 46), excluding unit equipment
  • consumer-owned electric power generating equipment or energy storage systems, with a rating in excess of 10 kW (Micro Size) as defined by the OEB, and operating in parallel with a supply authority system
  • any installation operating in excess of 750 volts, except:
    • installations of pole lines exclusively within the scope of Section 75
    • that portion of an underground installation between a supply authority-owned transformer and the related supply authority-owned switch
    • equipment replacement as described in Rule 2-010 2) c) and Bulletin 2-11-*

How long does it take to complete a plan review?

We aim to start a plan review within 10 to 20 business days for low-voltage equipment, and 20 to 30 days for plans that include customer-owned high-voltage equipment, from the date a Plan Review notification is issued. How quickly the plan review is completed from that date will depend on a number of factors such as size, complexity and completeness of information provided.

Do you accept sketches?

Yes, as long as the sketches are legible and contain all required information.

Why do I have to use the submittal form?

The submittal form is designed to help you include the specific information required. It also smooths the submission process so ESA can complete the review within the intended times.

What happens if information is missing?

If information is missing, we cannot issue a plan review notification. You will receive an email prompting you to log into the Electronic Plan Review portal to see what additional information is required. If you don’t provide the information within 10 business days, your submission may be cancelled and a new submission would be required.

I don't know the information required for my plan review. What should I do?

If you don’t have all the information, don’t send anything. Wait until all information is available before submitting.