Doing Electrical Work

Who can do electrical work at my property?

Electrical work is complicated and mistakes can be serious. If you hire someone to do electrical work in your home, by Ontario law, they must be a Licensed Electrical Contractor (see exceptions*). Licensed Electrical Contractors are trained in and understand the safety requirements associated with electrical installations. 

General service providers cannot do electrical work in residences unless they hold an electrical contractor’s licence. If you hire a general contractor, confirm that a licensed subcontractor will do the electrical work. A Licensed Electrical Contractor must display their licence number. Ask to see it. You can find a Licensed Electrical Contractor or confirm that your contractor holds a valid licence at https://findacontractor.esasafe.com/


  • Maintenance, service and repair work on equipment when done by an employer or agent of the equipment manufacturer; 
  • Work done within an industrial establishment or on a farm by an owner, operator or employee; 
  • Work on refrigeration and air conditioning units by qualified Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanics; 
  • Work done on elevators and escalators by a person authorized by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority; 
  • Work on fire protection systems by qualified sprinkler and fire protection installers; 
  • Work on natural gas or propane appliances by an approved certificate holder; and
  • Maintenance, service or repair on electrical equipment that plugs into an electrical source. This work must not include extending or altering the equipment or installing, extending, altering or repairing any electrical wiring connected to the equipment. 

Electrical work can also be done in a home by the homeowner or occupant. (An occupant is someone living in a residence or using the premises, as a tenant or owner; or a person who takes possession of property that has no known owner.) If you choose to do the work yourself, be aware of the responsibilities and risks. Ensure the work is done according to the Ontario Electrical Safety Code and file all required notifications of work to ESA.