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The Electrical Safety Authority wants you to know about our operations and the state of electrical safety in Ontario.

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Annual Report 2023

ESA’s Annual Report describes progress we have made against the goals of our Strategic Plan and Business Plan.

Harm Reduction Strategy 2020-2025

Strategic Plan 2020-2025

ESA’s Strategic Plan for 2020-2025 defines our major corporate goals and the strategies we will use to address them. 

Safely Powering Tomorrow: The Journey Towards Becoming a Modern Regulator

Business Plan 2024-2025

ESA’s Business Plan outlines the activities we will implement each year to support the strategic plan. It is updated annually to reflect progress made and new insights generated.

Ontario Electrical Safety Report 2022

Ontario Electrical Safety Report

The Ontario Electrical Safety Report shares the rate of electricity safety incidents in the province. We have issued this report every year since 2001.

Auditor General’s Value for Money Audit


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