ESA Pre-Master Electrician Training Offerings

ESA offers Electricians and other persons who are qualified to be licensed (P. Eng, CET, C-Tech) a 12 module training course designed to expand knowledge and skill, and help them prepare to write the Master Electrician Examination. The Pre-Master Electrician course references specific sections of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code, other pertinent legislation, electrical calculations, and trade and business practices.

The course is offered by three delivery methods — online, self-study, and classroom.

  1. Online
    The course is delivered through computer based training in an online environment. Individuals progress through the course at their own pace utilizing a variety of educational materials including visuals, audio, multimedia, online module review exercises, and links to internet resources. 

  2. Self-Study
    Individuals self-study the ESA Pre-Master Student Manual reading one module per week and completing the module review exercise. Online activity is limited to learners accessing the review exercise answer key on a weekly basis.

  3. Classroom
    This is a 6 day training course in a group learning environment.


Don't forget to register to write the Master Electrician Exam. Examinations are offered by ESA across the Province. Learn more about the Master Electrician Exam.