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Course online in-person virtual self-study
  Availability:  ♦ = Yes    ⇔ = No (Pending 2021 OESC updates)
Advanced Conductors       
An Introduction to the Ontario Electrical Safety Code       
Control of Hazardous Energy   
Electrical Incidents       
Electrical Safety Awareness 1     
Electrical Safety for Emergency Responders       
Electrical Safety for Maintenance Staff   
Grounding and Bonding       
Introduction to Conductors       
Ontario Electrical Safety Code (28th Edition/2021) – General Level 1   
Ontario Electrical Safety Code for Design Engineers       
Ontario Electrical Safety Code for Electrical Technicians and Technologists     
Powerline Safety Awareness     
Pre-Master Electrician Training   COMING FALL 2022 *Registration window now open  
Principles of Electrical Safety in the Workplace   
Protection Against Available Fault Current       
Safety in a High Voltage Environment       
Solar Photovoltaic and OESC Requirements       
The Ontario Electrical Safety Code - Full Day       


On-Line: On-Line learning is delivered through computer based training in an online environment. Individuals progress through the course at their own pace utilizing a variety of educational materials including visuals, audio, multimedia, online module review exercises, and links to internet resources. Online technical assistance, to clarify course content, is available to a maximum of 3 technical email submissions per Learner.

In-person Classroom: Face-to-face learning is an instructional method where course content and learning material are taught in person to a group of participants. This allows for a live interaction between a Learner and a Trainer. It is the most traditional type of learning instruction.

Virtual Instructor-led: Virtual training is Trainer-led instruction in a virtual or simulated, non-physical environment, when the Learner (or group) and the Trainer are in separate locations. Virtual training and virtual training environments are designed to simulate the traditional in-person classroom learning experience.

Self-study: Individuals self-study the ESA Pre-Master Student Manual, reading one module per week and completing the module review exercise. Online activity is limited to learners accessing the review exercise answer key on a weekly basis.

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