Renew your Master Electrician Licence

To keep your Master Electrician licence valid you must maintain the requirements of the licence and pay an annual licence fee to ESA. Failure to do so may result in a Notice of Proposal to revoke, suspend or refuse to renew.

If you are a Designated Master Electrician to a Licence Electrical Contractor (LEC), this may also result in the notice of proposal issued against the LEC.


Renewal Process:

Each year, Master Electricians must:

  • Submit annual licence fee
  • Confirm that it has been maintaining the requirements of the Master Electrician licence.

Every five years, Master Electricians must submit:

  • An ESA Renewal form that will be sent to you
  • Valid professional designation (i.e. Certificate of Qualification)
  • Passport style photo (digital photos included)
  • Annual licence fee

The renewal forms will be sent 90 days before your licence is due to be reviewed. The invoice will be sent to you 30 days before your licence is to be renewed. 

Note: ESA sends all licensing correspondence by your preferred method. To update your contact information, please complete the Notice of Change to Information Form and send to If you believe you should have already received renewal documents, please contact us.

All Master Electricians will be subject to an audit to confirm that they are maintaining their trade qualifications. 

Requirements to maintain your Master Electrician licence:

You have a number of responsibilities as a licence holder and are required to comply with them at all times for the duration of your licence:

  1. While performing electrical installations, you must comply with the Electrical Safety Code;
  2. If you are a Designated Master Electrician, conduct personal planning and direct supervision of the work carried out on behalf of a Licensed Electrical Contractor;
  3. If you are a Designated Master Electrician, oversee the work conducted by a Licensed Electrical Contractor to ensure that it complies with all applicable laws and regulations, such as:
    • Consumer protection legislation
    • Laws related to health and safety
    • Laws relating to employment standards
    • Business laws and business practices
  4. Understand and follow the License Holder Standards of Conduct

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