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Grounded in Ontario is a monthly podcast highlighting hot topics that will help YOU on the job!

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Josie Erzetic, Host
Chief Regulatory Officer, General Counsel


Grounded in Ontario is a podcast made especially for Licensed Electrical Contractors, Master and Certified electricians… as well as people aspiring to work in the electrical trade.

We’ll explore topics and best practices to provide you with the tips you need to get electrical jobs done safely! And we are doing it in a way that makes it easy for you to stay up-to-date. In the time it takes you to get a can listen to the podcast!

This podcast does not replace checking the Ontario Electrical Safety Code but it will help guide you in the right direction….. so let’s get grounded! Check out some of our most recent episodes.

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We want to hear from you! Email us your questions & topic ideas!

Do you have an electrical question or topic idea for Grounded in Ontario? Email it to us and your question or topic suggestion could be featured in an upcoming episode!


hot tub and pool

Episode 1: Pools & Hot Tubs

It's summertime which means being inundated with calls for pools and hot tub installations! Are you up to Code?

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electrical vehicle charging system

Episode 2: EV Supply Equipment

With gas prices on the rise and EV prices going down, EV charging systems are a hot commodity. Here’s how to safely install them

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Episode 3: Arc Fault and Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters

Arc faults are a leading cause of fire hazards in a home. We discuss when, where to install AFCI/GFCI, as well as nuisance tripping.

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Home renovation

Episode 4: Underground Economy

Last year, ESA received more than 350 anonymous tips about unlicensed contractors. In this episode, we’ll explain what we’re doing to keep Ontarians safe from these fraudulent workers.

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solar panels

Episode 5: Energy Storage Systems

With the cost of battery storage coming down, more businesses, industries and homeowners are going grid independent. Learn about upcoming OESC rules on this episode of Grounded in Ontario.

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