Virtually Proctored Exam

If you are planning to write the Master Electrician exam from your home or other location of your choice, take a look at the information below to make sure you know the rules, have everything you need and understand the process.


In order to take the virtually proctored exam, you will need a desktop or laptop computer that has a microphone and a webcam, and a reliable internet connection.

If you don’t have these items in working condition, contact ESA to reschedule your exam. You cannot take the exam without these items.

You must have Google Chrome to take the virtually proctored exam. Instructions on how to download Google Chrome are available here.

The proctoring software will need access to:

  • your webcam and microphone 
  • anything running on your computer at the time of the exam (e.g., programs, applications)
  • any devices connected to your computer (e.g., monitors, mouse, etc.)
  • your desktop or laptop screen

You will be required to close any open tabs on your browser and any other programs or applications running on your computer at the time of the exam.

Valid ID
Before the exam, you will be required to show your ID and authenticate your identity. Examples of acceptable IDs: 

  • Driver’s licence (issued by a Canadian Province)
  • Canadian Passport
  • Canadian citizenship card
  • Canadian Permanent Residency Card

Your ID must be original, legible, and not expired, torn or altered. Copies or certified copies are not accepted. Your Health Card is not permitted as identification. You cannot write your exam without proper identification. This will result in having to reschedule your exam and paying any necessary rescheduling fees.

Permitted Materials During the Exam

The Master Electrician Exam is an open book examination. You are permitted to only use the following during the exam (Pre-Master course workbooks are not permitted):

  1. Master Electrician Exam Reference Material (download it here for free)
  2. Latest version of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code (no photocopies). You can use a copy of your printed electronic version (with personal watermark).
  3. Relevant Legislation that consists of Acts and Regulations that relate to electrical contracting and is relevant to the examination.
  4. Calculator (non programmable)
  5. Pencil

Please note that ONLY HARD COPIES of examination materials are allowed. No electronic devices will be permitted.

Process for writing the virtually proctored exam

  • You will need to apply to take the exam as you would the in-person exam. Find the application here.
  • Once you are approved to take the exam, we will email you the login information to use on the day of your exam. 
  • You are required to access the exam platform at least 20-30 minutes before your exam in order to test your equipment and connection as well to understand the process and familiarize yourself with the exam rules of conduct before you write the exam. 
  • Download Google Chrome. To take the virtually proctored exam you must use Google Chrome only. 
  • You will need to show a current government-issued photo identification to the camera before you begin the exam. Acceptable IDs are Driver’s Licence, Canadian Passport, Citizenship Card, or Permanent Residency Card. The Virtual Proctoring technology will record your ID. The recording will subsequently be reviewed by the ESA staff. If your ID is unclear or not verified, your exam will be disqualified.
  • You will be asked to show your books and materials to the camera that you will be using during the exam to confirm that there are no unauthorized materials or notes. You may be randomly selected to do this during an exam as well.
  • If you attempt to minimize the exam or navigate away from the exam page, your exam will be ended.  You can login back into the exam as long as the time limit has not expired.

Technical support during the exam

  • If you have already logged into the exam, you can access Live Chat by selecting the shield icon in the upper right hand corner of your Chrome browser. 
  • You may also visit to start a chat with an agent.
  • Or use one of the following methods to contact technical support:

Exam Rules of Conduct

In advance of writing your exam it is important that you review and acknowledge the Rules of Conduct. View the Rules of Conduct here.

Actions that violate the Rules of Conduct are considered serious. In order to protect the reputation and high professional standards of Master Electricians, ESA may be required to take action ranging from disqualification to write the exam to refusal to grant the ME licence, depending on the seriousness of the issue. 

Exam Results

The examination results will be issued within 15 working days; results will not be provided over the phone.  Please ensure that that you have provided your current email address.


ESA is committed to protecting your privacy. Please refer to ESA's Access and Privacy Code for more details about how ESA protects your privacy.