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Write The ME Exam

ESA is experiencing a high demand for the ME exam. Completed applications will be replied to as soon as possible and processed in the order they are received. Please indicate a second and third preference when registering for the exam. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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Pre-Master Course FAQs


You must pass the exam as one of the requirements to get a Master Electrician Licence. The Master Electrician examination is only offered through the Electrical Safety Authority.

The exam consists of 80 questions, which are divided among 3 exam sections as described below.You will have a maximum of 3 hours to write the exam. 

To pass, you need an overall exam score of at least 70%, plus a minimum of 60% in each of the three exam sections:

  • Ontario Electrical Safety Code 
  • Worker Safety 
  • Business Administration

The Master Electrician exam is open book. Candidates are tested on their knowledge of rules and regulations applicable to worker safety, business administration and all sections of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code, so bring your copy of the current Code book and other approved reference materials, including the 2021 Master Electrician Examination Reference book. 

The Reference book contains legislation relevant to electrical contracting. You can download the ME Exam Reference book or buy a hard copy for $68, plus HST. To buy the book, simply request it when registering for the ME Exam. If you already registered, just email with your request to buy the book. (Please note the ME Examination reference book is included in the Pre-Master Course.)


Examination Options

The Master Electrician Exam is offered across the province in two formats: Virtual Proctor and In-Person, in electronic and paper-based format. Choose one of the options below to view more information.

in person exam            virtually proctored


Exam Schedule

Ready to Write the Exam? Before signing up, review the Master Electrician Licence Requirements.

Can’t find an exam in your area? Please email to inquire.


Information Package and Forms

Master Electrician (ME) Exam Application

Complete this application form to apply for the ME examination.

PDF Download

Master Electrician Examination Information Package

Information package outlining the ME Exam, requirements, what to expect, and more.

PDF Download

Master Electrician Exam Rules of Conduct

Every exam taker must comply with the Rules of Conduct.

PDF Download

Master Electrician Examination Transfer Request

Complete this form if you need to transfer to another exam date/time.

PDF Download

Interpreter Attendance Request for Master Electrician Exam

Used when you require an interpreter during the ME Exam.

PDF Download



Pre-Master Electrician Course

Not quite ready to write the exam yet? ESA has developed a “Pre-Master” course to help you prepare for the ME Exam. You do not have to take this course before writing the ME exam. However, if you fail the ME Exam twice, you will be asked to take relevant training.