Schedule Inspection

The Schedule Inspection feature of the ESA ON Mobile App (the App) allows users to schedule their open notifications for inspection. Scheduling changes must be completed before the requested day of inspection. 

Schedule Inspection Overview

The notifications available via this feature consist of all Open notifications associated with the user’s ESA account. A Closed notification can’t be scheduled, so it does not appear in a list of notifications generated via this feature. 


The list displays up to a maximum of 100 notifications. If the user wishes to limit the list of notifications, they can refine their search to generate a shorter list. 

The App can search by any or all of the following: 

  • Notification Number
  • Site Name
  • Street
  • City
  • PO/Job Number

Once a notification is selected from the list, the user can schedule the notification for inspection. The user will be prompted to select or confirm the following information: 

  • Inspection Type
  • Inspection Status
  • Ready Date

The Ready Date uses a calendar, by which the user can select an inspection date on which the Inspector is available. The appearance of the calendar varies based on ESA’s oversight response for the notification. 

Additional, optional fields are available for the user: 

  • Final Inspection Flag
  • Comments

If the notification has Open status, users can navigate directly to the Remote Inspection functions of the App, which is located at the bottom of the display.


Supporting Documentation

Schedule Inspection Tutorial Video