Requirements to Display Your Licence

As an Electrical Contractor, you must clearly and visibly display your licence number to the public. Your licence number must appear on all correspondence, contracts, invoices, business cards and ads (including Kijiji and Yellow Pages). It must also be on your website and business vehicle. It is your responsibility to comply with this requirement within 90 days from the receipt of your licence.   

Guidelines for Display on Vehicles

Your Electrical Contractor Licence number: 

  • must be at least one inch (2.54 cm) high. 
  • must be in either black or white lettering so the licence number is easily visible. 
  • can be on the back or both sides of the truck.
  • must say ECRA/ESA Lic or ECRA/ESA before the number 

Note: If the name of the company does not appear on the vehicle, you may not use the ECRA/ESA logo.  Also, Electrical Contractors are not permitted to use the ESA logo by itself.

When using the ECRA/ESA logo, it must: 

  • appear in black & white or colour 
  • not be altered in any way 
  • not be covered by the Contractor logo 
  • be close to the Contractor logo, so it does not seem to stand alone 
  • be used according to Schedule A: Licensed Electrical Contractor Logo Use (see below)

You can find the logo for download at the bottom of this webpage.

Schedule A: Licensed Electrical Contractor Logo Use 

    With limited exception, only Licenced Electrical Contractors are authorized to conduct electrical business in Ontario. In the interest of electrical public safety and consumer protection, your LEC license should appear in all correspondence, including vehicles and advertising. 
    The Licensed Electrical Contractor agrees to these terms and conditions of use the ECRA/ESA logo: 
    • The Electrical Contractor acknowledges that ESA owns all right, title and interest in the ECRA/ESA logo. ESA's consent to the use of the logo does not transfer any of ESA's rights as the registered trademark owner.
    • The Electrical Contractor may only use the ECRA/ESA logo if in compliance with Ontario Regulation 570/05.
    • If the ECRA/ESA Electrical Contractor's license is suspended or revoked, the Electrical Contractor may not use the ECRA/ESA logo. Once notified that the licence is suspended or revoked, the Electrical Contractor will immediately remove the logo anywhere it is displayed. 
    • The Licensed Electrical Contractor agrees to indemnify and save ESA, its directors, officers, and employees from any liability arising from the LEC's use of the ECRA/ESA logo. This includes legal costs. 
    • Nothing in this agreement prevents ESA from changing the ECRA/ESA logo or any other registered trademark without notice. 
    All advertising will comply with the Advertising Standards as set out in the guidelines for placement of the Electrical Contractor Licence number on vehicles. 
    NOTE: The Contractor is responsible for 100% of all co-advertising expenses. 

Download the ECRA/ESA logo: 

ECRA ESA Logo Colour (PNG Version)

ECRA ESA Logo Color (PSD Version)

ECRA ESA Logo Black (PNG Version)

ECRA ESA Logo Black (PSD Version)