Why might ESA block a contractor’s account?

ESA does not take blocking a contractor’s account lightly. This is a last resort when all other efforts to resolve an issue have been taken. There are four reasons:

  1. DEFECT BLOCK: This may occur when a contractor continually ignores defect correction timelines or requests on multiple sites. The Inspector has the discretion to recommend a block. For Life and or Property defects, the Inspector will act quickly.
  2. CREDIT BLOCK: A credit block takes place when there has been a non-payment and the account has moved into collection, and/or the company has declared bankruptcy.
  3. LICENSING BLOCK: A licensing block means a failure to submit declaration forms, pay licence fees, or submit full licensing package (which takes place once every five years).
  4. CREDIT LIMIT INCREASE BLOCK: This may occur when contractor is temporarily over a credit limit and unable to file notifications of work.