What is ESA doing about unlicensed contractors doing electrical work?

Our whole purpose is safety, and the underground economy is a big concern. Our enforcement includes:

  • Pursuing prosecutions, fines and jail time through the courts. Convictions send a clear message that risking public safety has serious consequences;
  • Publicly sharing Administrative Penalties and convictions. This reminds consumers and contractors about the consequences when you don't hire Licensed Electrical Contractors.
  • Programs that identify commercial renovation work being done without filing an electrical notification;
  • Intercepting illegal online advertising;
  • Public awareness campaigns. These increase awareness of the law to hire a licensed electrical contractor. People who see our ads are almost twice as likely to hire a licensed electrical contractor; and
  • Issuing Administrative Penalties to quickly address illegal electrical work. This sends a clear message that engaging in illegal electrical work will no longer be economically viable.